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“A Sanctuary in the City where you can come to calm the mind and soothe the heart, allowing the chaos of the world to melt away and bring you back home to your true, pure self.”

From the second you step through the doors, from the busy bustle of the city street, the energy cultivated and held in the space will enter you like a deep full breath, sharing with you a feeling of peace and positivity that will carry through you and into your life (home, family/ friends, work). We will offer people tools to live their lives in more harmony.

What sets us apart from other massage retreats?

We strive to connect YOU with as many resources in YOUR COMMUNITY as needed to reach YOUR WELLNESS GOALS. At Urban Light Sanctuary we believe a holistic; balanced state can be achieved by creating YOUR PERSONAL WELLNESS TEAM, patented to address YOUR specific needs and goals to achieving TRUE BALANCE and BLISS.

Now step through the doors into the Sanctuary!…

We look forward to serving you



Just step outside your office and into our State of the Art Holistic Wellness Center on Wheels!

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